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An Announcement...
goddessmikhail wrote in psychobillysnw
Ok, I have heard about nil happening for New Years this year...however...Dave Helfry, aka Baron Von Goolo of Frighttown fame has decided to extend your Halloween merriment with New Years Evil. The event is at the Bossanova which not only has amazing new wood floors but a redone stage and new sound system as well!

There's only one thing wrong with the Baby New Year.......IT'S ALIVE!!!!

The Producers of FrightTown Present
A Dark Costume Bash to Ring In The New Year


New Year's Eve at the Bossanova Ballroom
On East Burnside In Portland, OR
Doors open at 9pm

DJs and Live Music by rockabilly band Toxic Zombie
"Miss Evil 2010" Costume Contest & sundry mischief

Costumes encouraged.


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